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08 April 2014 @ 06:36 pm
Sensei (Chapter 1)  
Title: Sensei (Chapter 1)
Author: yue_naka
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: Romance, School Life, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Type: Chaptered
Summary: He was in love with his teacher but, He broke up their thread of destiny..

'Did you know, I love you sensei?'

My Heart stopped, since that day.. That time, I have a special relationship with my own teacher.. At first, Yuto-sensei doesn't want to have any special relationship towards me.. But, finally Yuto-sensei and me become a couple. Every student in our school knows that. Until one day, Yuto-sensei called me. "Chii, Let's break Up" I'm shocked to hear that. I have no time to answer that and Yuto-sensei already hang up the calls. I planned to talk with him tomorrow. But, something unexpected happen. Yuto-sensei already left the school. I've tried to call him, I've tried to Mail him.. But, there's no use. The next day, the principal called me to his office. And one thing is out from his mouth.. 'EXPELLED'. I ask why, but the Principal don't say anything.. He just say "Prioritize your Study, Chinen-san". That is The last word I heard before I left that school. But, it's not important anymore since I already go to the other High school.


"Yuri.. Do you want to go out?"

"No mom. I want to study"

"Okay then.."

After I heard a sound of a closing door, I quickly rest my body on the bed. I checked my phone, and there's a mail from my friend.

From : Dai-chan
Subject : Accompany me please!

Chii~ Yuri~
I love you..
Can you accompany me?
Today, 6.30 pm at xx Park.
Bye Yuri honey!

I read his message. It just end like that. Well, I don't expect anything good from his message. Cause he always be like that. And that's why I love him.

I quickly go out from my bedroom. It's already 6.00 pm. Honestly, my body felt tired. But, I'll do anything for him anyway.. I walk on the road while many happy couple past by me. Honestly, my heart feels so hurt. It reminds me of Yuto-sensei. We date alot when we were still in a relationship. He's so kind, and gentle. But, he just gone like that. Even like that, I still love him. Weird right?

I walk and walk. I must bear my hurts heart. Forget everything about Yuto. YUTO and YUTO! FORGET IT PLEASE.

"Hey? HEY!" Someone's voice disturbed me. Oh, he's standing beside me. What he want?

"Wha—?! Don't pull me!" I shout. And I just realized that my hair is entangled with his bag zipper. What the hell. Blame my long hair. I'll cut my hair tomorrow. Shit. OH, I just remember now. I brought scissors. Okay, I'm lucky.. I'm not thinking about anything. Yes, I already cut my hair. "Idiot" that cruel one word from him. "What?! Who's the Idiot here Idiot?!" I quickly look at his face. Handsome that's what come in my mind. "Idiot." He said that word to me again, I quickly run from him. What's with that disgusting feeling?

"Yuri~! Here~" I heard that voice of Dai-chan, I quickly go to his place. And guess W H A T. That time when he show his phone to me. 'GOUKON' word in it. I become so annoyed now. He said that it is something important. GOUKON is Important?! What with this guy? It's Okay if he brings cute girl. But, they're all guy! "Arioka Daiki! Goukon is not important and I'M NOT A GAY." I whispered to his ear. "NOT? How about Yuto-sensei??" Damn you Daiki. How can you be so cruel to your own best friend..

"Are we late?" The voice seems so similiar to my ears. But who cares anyway. I quickly turn my body and guess what. That person. That Idiot person. "Hii~ Yamada Ryosuke desu" he bows politely. He's not like this before. Is he a two-faced guy? "Idiot" I said that word to him. And Dai-chan pinch my cheek. "Sorry for my Yuri rudeness.. His tongue is very sharp, please use to it~" My Dai-chan said that to me. How could he.. I pout when I heard that from Dai-chan. "Cute" that is the word that came out from his mouth. And that Yamada guy also pat my head. Unconsciously I blushed. It's been a long time since the last time someone called me cute..

back then, Yuto always call me cute...

"Hello? Am I intruding you guys? I'm Takaki Yuya. Please be nice to me" He smiled, I can see that Dai-chan like him. The way Dai-chan look at Takaki-san is full of love. I'm happy for him. "A- arioka Daiki desu" My daiki is blushing like hell. It's been a long time since the last time he become like this. "What's your name girl?" That Yamada boy smirk to me. What he want from me anyway? I'm not a girl you know. "Oi.. I'm not a girl Yamada-san! I'm a boy who named Chinen Yuri!" I shouted at him, he pissed me off. Calling me a girl? Curse him. Who do you think you are?

"Hey~ from what school are you guys?" The Takaki guy said, destroying the pregnant silent between me and that Yamada boy. "Horikoshi." I say it with no intention to say that. It's not important at all from the beginning to answer that question. I mean, they're just some guys who we met once right? Curse Dai-chan for making me come.. "And you?" Daiki ask them playfully. He's so cheerful today, huh? "We are a collage student from Meiji" Takaki-san said it with a big smile plastered on his face.. He's quite handsome huh. "Not WE. Just YOU. I already graduated from that boring University last year.." That Yamada guy whacked Takaki-san. So, he already graduated.

"I'm just kidding Yama-chan.. Don't be that serious.. Afterall, you will go to Horikoshi rig—"

"Shut your fucking mouth Yuya"

"Ups! I'm sorry Yama-chan..."

When I heard Horikoshi name, I quickly ask them. "Horikoshi what? What do you mean Takaki-san?". "Like this.. Yama-chan is the son of the owner of Horikoshi High School, Chinen-chan.. He's also the inherit of the famous Yamada company—". "TAKAKI! Don't say it anymore please!" He whack Takaki's head again. "Thanks to you, now they know!" Said Yamada and he left the three of them.

"Tell us the truth Takaki Yuya-san" I said and bow my body to him. I'm so curious about him now. "Well.. Like I said before.. He's the son of the owner of Horikoshi High School and the famous Yamada Company.. He graduated from Meiji University last year with the highest score.. But, when he was a kid.. His mother die in a plane accident.. He only have a Father now. And since that time, He doesn't have any friend. He became a loner.. I met him when we are a Junior High school student.. Although he doesn't have any friend except me, he has many fans you know.. He is so popular up until now. And one thing, please don't tell anyone what i already told you.. Because, he has no friend because of that.. I told you, shut your mouth okay". "But, you said it to us Takaki-san.." I love making people felt ashamed. "I-It's a different story!" His face become very red.. Oh, I love this feeling..


"Chii~ there will be 2 new Sensei in our school.. I heard that one of them will be our homeroom teacher. He is the substitute of Mori-sensei who's pregnant! I heard he is handsome and really smart~ oh.. And the other one is a biology teacher" Daiki talk excitedly as we walk to our classroom.. Well, the bell already rang a minutes ago, so we should go to our seat.. Boring day, Boring class to begin..

"Morning class.. Today, I will introduce you your substitute homeroom teacher.. Sensei, please come in"

"Okay sensei"

Wait.. I know that voice

"I'm Yamada Ryosuke.. Age 20. Please take care of me.."

So, that Yamada guy is the new substitute teacher huh?
what a really boring day to start..

A/N : Hello :3 I'm back with a new fic~ I'm thinking to deleting my 365 Days fic since I think no one love that fic :'3 This fic is my short chaptered fic.. maybe a 2 Chaptered fic :D that's all from me I guess.. (ω)
If you're reading this fic, kindly leave me a comment okay :'3 Thank you!
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Mariemariebelle10 on April 8th, 2014 12:38 pm (UTC)
"The more you hate means the more you love."
Chii~ you'll love Yamada sensei soon.. *^_^* <3
yue_nakayue_naka on April 9th, 2014 08:18 am (UTC)
yeah <3 thankyou so much for reading and commenting! :D
yamachiirasuyamachiirasu on April 8th, 2014 01:26 pm (UTC)

Off to read~
yamachiirasuyamachiirasu on April 8th, 2014 01:34 pm (UTC)

This is ASDFGHJKL~.. Yue-chan~.
YamaPIG is their new Homeroom teacher.. ghaaaaaaaa~.. Im sooooo excited for this!..

Please update the 2nd part ASAP~!..
Onegai! :) *smiles widely*

And oh, No please dont delete 365 days~>. I LOVE that fic.. Please continue it for me *bows*
Im really waiting for you to update that~>.
I reall really LOVE that :'( ..
please dont delete it..

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yue_nakayue_naka on April 9th, 2014 08:20 am (UTC)
please wait for the second chapter XD
let's see, i will delete it or not :3 hehehe XD
maybe i'm not going to delete it since you said that you love that fic <3
arigatou nee <3
anyway, thankyou for reading and commenting! <3
yamachiirasuyamachiirasu on April 9th, 2014 09:05 am (UTC)
UWaaaaaaaaaaah~... Its just that Im so excited for the next chapter :)

Ohemgeeeeee... Of course I love that~..

You're welcome neeeee..
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yue_nakayue_naka on April 9th, 2014 08:21 am (UTC)
unn~~ please wait for the next update nee-chan! :D
thankyou for reading and commenting <3
ithachanithachan on April 10th, 2014 11:51 am (UTC)
Great! Ah I love this!
Thankyou for this fic!
More~ More~
yue_nakayue_naka on April 11th, 2014 07:04 am (UTC)
Okay, please wait for the next chapter okay :))
Thankyou for reading and commenting! <3
ryosuke_yuriryosuke_yuri on July 13th, 2014 08:31 pm (UTC)
Interesting fanfic ... I wonder what will happen with YamaChii? I look forward to continue ^ _ ^
yue_nakayue_naka on July 31st, 2014 01:38 pm (UTC)
I wonder :3
Please look forward to it !