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20 March 2015 @ 04:01 pm
Sensei (Chapter 2)  
Title: Sensei (Chapter 2)
Author: yue_naka
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: Romance, School Life, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Type: Chaptered
Summary: Fate is always playing with Chinen’s life, he’s tired.


“Chinen Yuri-san.. Chinen Yuri-san? Chinen Yuri-san!” I quickly wake up from my daydreaming. Waitam I I daydreaming about that Yamada guy?! What is happening to me? “Chinen-san.. please give your attention to my class..” Oh My.. what’s happening to me? I really love this subject!
When the school bell rang, I quickly take Daiki’s hand and bring him to the rooftop. “Chiiiii! What are you doing? You make me run like we are being chased by a ghost! Oh Chii.. what happen to you today huh? You’re being so weird.. when in Tanaka-sensei class, you’re daydreaming although you really like his subject.. and now you bring me here with no reason!” Daiki whack my head. “I’m Sorry dai-chann.. I don’t know why..” I’m apologizing to my very best friend, and he apologized me without any comment. Well, he’s my very kind bestfriend in the world although he sometimes become very annoying.. when Daiki and I are eating on the rooftop, my phone suddenly rang and it’s making Daiki choking his food.. i laughed because of that, and again Daiki scold me because i’m laughing to him.. “Hey! I blame that person made me choked my food!” well, i also blame this person because he’s disturbing our launch time..
When i opened my phone mail, i’m very surprised because it’s the number of someone who i really don’t like or we can call it hate.

From : +8133xxxxxxx
Subject : Hello Yuri-chan!

Hello Yuri-chan!
are you still eating now?
it’s me! Yamada Ryosuke..
don’t ask why i got your number okay?
See you by the end of the school!

Why he know my number?! Oh wait.. i think i know who’s the one who give my number to him. I quickly took a death glare to Daiki and he choked again. “what?! Why’re you glancing me like that Chii?! If i made a mistake, i’m sorry! But what’s my mistake now???” then I whacked his head. “Tell me.. You give my number to that Yamada guy, right? T E L L  M E  D A I – C H A N~” then Daiki dropped his chopstick. “I’M SORRY CHII! I’M SORRY! HE’S REALLY KIND! NOT LIKE YOUR OLD BOYFRIEND! HE’S SO RICH, HANDSOME, KIND, AND I CAN’T DESCRIBE HIM! HE’S PERFECT! I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY OKAAYYYY.. I’M SORRY!!” Then i sighed heavily.. Daiki still bowed his head to me. Daiki is really care to me.. but I never give him anything back.. but i don’t like his kindness this time.. really. “Okay Dai-chan.. it’s okay.. but please don’t do it again okay? I don’t like it if it’s like this.. and i don’t like that Yamada guy.. please don’t do this again Dai-chann~” then i patted my bestfriend’s head.
Time sure flies fast.. school bell that mark if the school already end rang.. i say good-bye to Dai-chan when we arrive at the school enterance because our house has a different way. Ah~ it’s already my third year as a student in this school~ half year untill our graduation day.. really, i don’t get it why time flies so fast..

“day by day have past, and I slowly can forget Yuto...”

“Yuri~!” someone called me. I really know that voice.. “why you don’t reply my mail back? Mou~”

Yamada-sensei, don’t talk to me as we are close okay? And one more, please don’t call me Yuri!” I quickly ran away from him, why my heart is beating so fast? Please don’t.. i don’t want this feeling. I hate this kind of feeling.. I ran to my house to released my stressed feelings. When i arrive at my house, i quickly go to my room. “Yu-chan, don’t run in the house!” my mom yelled me.. well, that always happen.. “okay~ okay~” i replied my mom. “Yurii.. don’t forget to eat!” yelled my dad before I close my room door.. “okay dad~!” I smiled. But my phone suddenly ring again.. and I think it’s Dai-chan.. because usually, he will text me about this time..

From : +8133xxxxxxx
Subject : Night Yuri~

It’s me!
Hello Yuri-chan!
have you eat?
I’m sorry about earlier, but i’ll still call you Yuri..
I’m sorry to about what happened in the train..

When your hair is entangled with my bag zipper!
Sorry for calling you idiot!
Sorry~! Please have a good night!
I think I love you Yuri-chan!
Ah, and please call me Ryosuke~

‘What? This person is kidding right?!’ I quickly replied his message without thinking anymore.

From : Yuri-chan
Subject : -

Hey you two-faced guy!

Why so kind, huh? And i don’t like your joke!
And i already forgive you because i’m kind.
You’re a teacher and don’t you ever tell me a joke like that!

I quickly press the send button, my heart is beating so fast.. his joke is not funny at all.. then i close my eyes, i’m feeling so tired today..


Morning already come, another day of school.. i quickly get out from my bed and take a bath. After that, i quickly change my school uniform. “mom, dad.. i’m going to school! Bye~!” then i closed my house door.
“Yuri-chan~” Yamada Ryosuke voice again! why This person is always with me since yesterday?! “good morning! What with that gloomy face~?” he poke my cheek. “because you’re here! That’s why i’m gloomy Yamada-sensei! And why are you here anyway?” i replied him rudely. “because i’m your neighbor? Mou~ you didn’t reply my good morning~” he pouted. I think it’s a cute attitude.. he’s already 20 and graduated from college, but his attitude is still like a elementary student~ kawaii~ i smiled.. and why i’m thinking like that? Am i really inlove with this annoying guy? Bleh. And... did he say he’s my neighbor?! What?! “are you stalking me Yamada-sensei?! Why suddenly you’re my neighbor?!” i clicked my tongue.

“take it easy Yuri~ and i’m not even stalking you okay.. it’s a coincidence~ it’s true! I’m not lying.. i just want to get out from my parent house.. i don’t like it there.. everyday, everytime.. my parents is not at home.. that doesn’t make any difference right if i moved? Life sucks Yuri..” he sigh.. “i’ll be your friend from now on.. but it’s not like i like you already okay.. i still hate you! I just.. I just pity you..” i said.. then he suddenly hugged me! I struggled to release myself from his arm but i can’t.. “thankyou!” he said.. what a painfull voice of him.. “no need to thankyou.. let’s quickly go to school! Baka sensei!” I stick my tongue out and run.. well, maybe.. just maybe.. i can love him?

We laugh together when we are on the way to the school.. i’ve never felt this happy before.. untill...


A/N : I’m sorry for my grammar :) english is not my first language :D
It’s been a long time since the last time i write fic.. time sure flies fast.. i’m so excited about HSJ’s new single :D who’s not excited about it okay XD i hope there’s alot of yamachine mommeenntttt.. i miss them so much! Well, this fic is not finished yet XD hahahaha~~
I don’t know how many chapter left untill this fic is finished XD
If you’re reading this, please leave me a comment :)
Even a HI is okay :) your comments really made my day!
Oh hold on.. am i still have a reader? LOL
But i’m still hopping there’s still a person who will read my fic!
Bye ♥♥
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yue_nakayue_naka on March 20th, 2015 11:27 am (UTC)
Thankyou for commenting!
Please read it and give me your though! :D thankyou!
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yue_nakayue_naka on March 20th, 2015 03:14 pm (UTC)
I can't tell you how the story will continue xD if i tell you, then it's not an interesting story anymore right? And wow your comment is really longg! Umm.. chiesa-chan? XD
Let's just see if it's yuto or not.. Or will there any tadaiki bakaness xD
Thankyou for reading and commenting! You really made my day and i really have the energy to write more xD
ithachanithachan on March 20th, 2015 12:02 pm (UTC)
I read it don't worry!
Just please do ur best to continue this fic
Yamada-sensei and Yuri is so cute <3
Ah! And I want Nakachii! I miss this pair :'3
yue_nakayue_naka on March 20th, 2015 03:17 pm (UTC)
Thankyou for reading it!! I will do my best to continue this fic!
They're really cute right xD well.. Let's see about that fufufufu xD
Thankyou for reading and commenting! Your comment really made my day!
yamachiirasuyamachiirasu on March 21st, 2015 12:59 pm (UTC)
Interesting, really interesting, :)) <3
continue this okay? :*
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yue_nakayue_naka on March 21st, 2015 01:49 pm (UTC)
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i'll continue this fic! don't worry :D
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Of course you can call me that! I'm happy if you're calling me that! XD what can i call you? ❤❤❤
yamachiirasuyamachiirasu on March 24th, 2015 06:23 am (UTC)
Yatta~. Yue-chan <3 You can call me Akiko or simply Aki :))
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Cliff hangeerrrrrrr xD
Can't wait for your updaaateee ;A;