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05 January 2014 @ 03:34 pm
365 Days (Chapter 3)  
Title: 365 Days (Chapter 3)
Author: yue_naka
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Rating: PG-13
Type: Chaptered
Summary: A story that changes my whole Life.
A story that makes my life become more colorful. A story that makes me experiencing love. A story that makes me learn that love is a bittersweet thing—

"Hikari, Okaeri. It's your first time inviting your friend to come here." suddenly, I heard a very soft and lovable voice from afar. I turned my body to that source of the voice, same with Hikari-chan. And what i saw is him. I know that face. That handsome face. Do God want me to meet him again? Is this Fate?

"Nice to meet you Hikari's friend" He said with his very bright smile. And that makes my heart throb so fast. I never expect that God will make me and him meet in this way.

"Nice to meet you" I said plainly. Honestly, I was so nervous answering him. Luckily, I can cover my nervousness with my act. I'm supposed to be an actor after all.

"Ah Chinen-kun! This is my Big Brother! Yamada Ryosuke" When I heard that name from Hikari-chan's mouth, I can feel that I'm the luckiest person in this world. Finally I can know his name.

"Hello I'm Yamada Ryosuke, Hikari's Big Brother. Nice to meet you" He said softly to me and smile to me. I want to fly to cloud nine now. Hearing his soft voice and seeing his smile face makes me flails like a fan boy.

"Yuri, I'm Chinen Yuri" I tried my best to spell my name perfectly. I can die anytime now.

"He's my Senior in my school Ryo-nii" Hikari-chan said and smiling to his brother, I can see that this two really love each other. Then, I smile to Hikari-chan.

We talk together at the living room while drinking a glass of tea, we laugh together and tell our story together on the couch. I never expect that meeting Hikari can make me and him know each other. It's so fun with them until I forgot the time. It's already 9.53 pm—

"It's already late, I'll go home first" I said to them, Hikari quickly stand up from the couch and sit beside me.

"I'll accompany you to your house Chii-kun" she said to me, of course I'll definitely refuse it. She's a girl, what if anything happen to her because of me.

"It's okay, you don't need to accompany me. Beside, you're a girl right? I don't want anything happen to you Hikari-chan" I said to Hikari while putting my best smile on my face. Then, I tap her head like tapping a puppy. But then, suddenly Yamada-kun interrupt us.

"Chii-chan, I'll accompany you to your house okay." Yamada-kun said to me with his smile that can makes me die anytime. That time, I want to say no. But Yamada-kun insisted to accompany me. He's really kind. Whoever his girlfriend is, she must really lucky.

We walk passing many house together, honestly I'm a bit afraid. Cause the sky seems so dark. It's like it will raining anytime.

"Yamada-kun, I guess it will raining soon. Please come back to your house right now, cause I don't want to make you sick" I quickly warn Yamada-kun to come back to his hous— no, Mansion.

"I refuse. Why don't we run to your house? I bet we still can make it" He said while looking at his arm clock.

"Are you sure Yamada-kun?" I ask him worried ly. I'm afraid if he will have a flu or fever or whatever it is.

"Of course. Why don't you just worried yourself? Cause you looked so fragile Chii-chan" he said while chuckling. Well, he's true enough.

Our conversation while walking didn't last long because now we are running while laughing together. Yamada-kun always say to me that we still can make it before the rain start raining. And I don't know because of what, we can laugh so hard that time.

"This is my house Yamada-kun!" I said happily.

"This is so home sweet home ne." I thought he will mock me cause my house is 10 time smaller than his house— no, Mansion.

"Let's get in first, I'm afraid the rain will start pouring anytime" I said and grab his hand to my house. Of course his body too, not just his hand.

"Chii-chan! It's raining!" He said like a five years old children. I'm sure that My face is slightly blushing but, I'm sure enough that he didn't see it. Then, I saw him picking his phone from his pocket.

"Hikari, I'm not going home today okay. It's raining and there's no way that Mr.Paul will know where's Chii-chan's house. Yes, take care okay. Bye" he said, I who heard that got a mini heart attack. Am I dreaming?

"Chii-chan, Can I sleep in your house tonight?" Yamada-kun said to me, I'm not going to say 'no' and never be.

"It's okay Yamada-kun" I said with my super happy tone, but my happiness really didn't last long. The thunder suddenly came up. And the rain suddenly become so heavy. Suddenly I fall on the floor and I cried while covering my ears.

"What's wrong Chii?!—"

Finally I can posted this, sorry I can't post this when new year come. And my plan for making the plot goes back ward in just 2 chapters are delayed. I guess it will be 3-4 Chapter again. Sorry! Comment, are really Love! Even just a greeting is nice
ロケーション: On my Bed
気分: apatheticapathetic
ミュージック: Gin no Sekai ni Negai wo Komete - Yamada Ryosuke
yamachiirasuyamachiirasu on January 5th, 2014 09:55 am (UTC)
yue_nakayue_naka on January 12th, 2014 02:50 am (UTC)
take your time <3
fujiyuurifujiyuuri on January 8th, 2014 04:47 am (UTC)
it's ryosuke :)
Nyan nyan Ryosuke will oversleep in chii's house
next chappie! next chappiee!
yue_nakayue_naka on January 12th, 2014 02:50 am (UTC)
please wait nee <3 thankyou for reading and commenting <3
fujiyuurifujiyuuri on January 13th, 2014 03:22 am (UTC)
okay I will be waiting patiently he he
you're welcome